Sometimes you gotta let things be...and just flow.

Unique insights from Maura Lucchese of Brain Candy Art Co. about creativity and how expressing yourself can help you through the dark times in your life.

June 19, 2019

Episode 20: Taking Risks

Taking a risk - Do you sit on the fence or leap off the ledge? We're talking about the must haves and the don't needs of risk taking. and sharing what will give you confidence to take a chance.

Going through some sort of transition and are feeling lost and without direction? Hating that no one is really getting what's going on with you? Being hard on yourself because you always have the answers...except for this? This show is for you!

The last in our series about women hurting other women. How our internal struggles affect relationships, the people we love and the children we raise.

Delving further into the dynamics of how our internal struggles show up as ugliness toward other women. How you can move past slights and being hurt without getting in the gutter with the nasty ones trying to push your buttons.

Women Hurting Other Women - Why do we do this? How can we change it? It's gotta be about love.

May 15, 2019

Episode 15: She Wounds

Why do women hurt other women? And what can be done about it? Real stories from real women about their experiences and how they've been affected. It's time to start talking.

Continuing our discussion of taking care of your 'house' and all the beautiful things it contains that make you uniquely you: your mind, heart, soul and spirit. Using temple connections to enhance your life and develop the skills you need to thrive in the world.

It's been written that the body is a temple. We're exploring edifying and building up your "house" in every way possible. We're talking health, well being and spiritual wholeness in this sacred space you inhabit.

We've been talking about loss, and this one is the hardest of all. Understanding the process of dying, how to help loved ones transition and overcoming your fear about it.

We're exploring loss in all its forms and this one is the biggie. How do you overcome betrayal and violation of trust with someone you care about?

We experience loss everyday. Becoming tolerant to losing can waste potential. Being indifferent to losing means going through life numb. But what about confrontational, aggressive losing? Because frankly, some things need to go!

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and we're talking about the outcomes for survivors, the importance of receiving support and empathy, and finding the resources to overcome.

Do you feel invisible in the world? Here, but not seen or acknowledged? What is that like? We're talking about living in the shadows and how it can affect you.

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