March 11, 2020

Pull The Plug Pt. 2

Ever feel spiritually stuck and stagnant? We're exploring how unhooking from religious routine and sameness can launch you out of that tiny spiritual box and into a creative, fulfilling and healthy place for your soul!


Episode Highlights:


  • The factors that combined to put Deanna’s life on ‘life support’
  • The ‘plugs’ that we collectively need to yank out of the wall
  • The science behind forming habits
  • Your ‘God connection’




“I knew that if I did not rise up from this funk that I was in, that it would have some very devastating consequences for my life.”


“There were things in my life that I needed to unplug…and one by one I pulled those plugs.”


“We are always a work in progress.”


“Church does not make you, keep you, or save you. God alone does that.”


“Our connection to God is through our spirits.”


“Take your eyes off of people.”


“If God gave you the car, you’d still have it!”


“You know when someone is moving under God’s direction or their own – we can feel it.”


“No one holds the keys to your God connection – nobody…only God holds the key.”


“Just the attendance – that’s not serving anyone.”


“When you are plugged into the Divine One, you will be transformed…the energy changes you.”


“As soon as the behavior becomes automatic, the decision making part of your brain goes into a sleep mode of sorts.”


“Habit, automatic behaviors, and no self-reflection are the result of what I call ‘habitual spirituality’.”


“Why are we doing the same thing every service when there is a great, big, inexhaustible God?”


“Can we scratch the surface of your creativity, Father?”


“Think about living in the flow and flux of God’s energy.”


“You can be free, I mean really free, to experience God as you are led without any constraints at all, and I certainly hope you decide to take that journey.”




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Today, I'm sharing some history of my spiritual being on the path to finding greater purpose and meaning through my connection with God. Ever growing understanding of the transformative energy that is the Creator will take you out of your doctrinal box and set you free.

Episode Highlights:


  • How Deanna came to where she is today
  • The writings of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
  • Deanna’s 3 awakenings
  • The ‘boxed-in spiritual life’
  • Energy




“God is so vast and so expansive. It would be a shame if we lived all of our lives in one small spiritual box.”


“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”


“I also learned about guilt which seemed to hover around me all the time…I started to wonder what was wrong with me that I could not follow what were described as the simple teachings of Jesus.”


“Why, if I was created by God, did I not have any of his qualities…didn’t I have any heavenly DNA?”


“I found myself with a yearning to be connected to something greater than myself, to know there was a purpose for my life.”


“For the first time I felt my spirit, or should I say, I felt me…God met me there.”


“The transactional piece gets flipped and then God becomes like Santa Claus – we submit our lists, and wait expectantly for him to deliver.”


“I knew in my spirit that there was something more – there had to be.”


“God exists for us as living creatures in the ‘now’.”


“When your spirit is connected to your Creator’s spirit, you are right smack in the ‘now’ of your blessing.”


“God…is expressed as energy…everything has energy.”


“The energy will do what rules and dogma and tradition cannot, and that is set you free.”


“You don’t have to wait for death to see God – He is here now.”


“To me God is everything.”


“Don’t be afraid to explore.”


“I’d like to know what you’re feeling.”


“We are all one – we really are.”




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February 26, 2020

A Message For You

I spent 5 days in a spiritually enriching environment that allowed me to leave negativity behind but also opened me up to receive so much. And I want to share it all with you...

We're talking about her work, her mission of teaching us to be kinder to ourselves, and hey, "What is normal anyway?"


Episode Highlights:


  • Towards Together and how it got started
  • Internal and external judgment
  • Mallory’s book and her ‘Wheel of Weird’
  • The change that she hopes her work will bring about
  • What’s next for Mallory




“She’s got a beautiful, peaceful, serene way about her that is wonderful to be around.”


“There’s no singular definition of seems like it’s normal to be abnormal and come from a dysfunctional family.”


“I think it’s really helpful to see other people’s perspectives, and have curious conversations, and get vulnerable with each other.”


“My whole life kind of came unraveled all at once in a bunch of different ways.”


“I never totally felt like I knew how to be human.”


“I think for me it was a lot of self-directed internal judgment.”


“We pass on our own pain to other people when we haven’t been able to resolve it.”


“I feel like the more of us that try to do the work to heal ourselves in order to heal the world, the more that the world gets healed.”


“What am I supposed to be doing in this world?”


“Whoa, the world is f-ed up in a lot of ways.”


“You’ve got to get to the root of your own struggles, and understand yourself, and really come to learn how to love yourself.”


“The act of loving yourself is one of the biggest acts of resistance.”


“It is in corporate interest for you to not love yourself because…if you love yourself you don’t need to buy all this consumer stuff that’s currently killing our planet.”


“If they can reach somebody earlier, there are less onion layers to start peeling back.”


“Maybe that’s your superpower, though…that you’ve never really fit in in your mind.”


“I definitely have plenty of doubt and anxiety.”


“People let you see them as they want to be seen a lot of times.”


“Do what’s in your heart to do, Sis.”


“Let’s share our stories and inspire other people to do the same.”


“Doesn’t matter where you live, we really all should be kinder to each other and to ourselves, and make a difference in the spaces that we move in.”




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February 12, 2020

It’s Our Anniversary!

Reflections on the past year, gratitude for your support and feedback, and a challenge to the Soul Sayers Community.


  • Soul Sayers’ 1 year anniversary
  • Listening, talking and growing
  • Making 2020 the year of breakthroughs
  • Living out your purpose




“Collectively, I feel like I know each of you.”


“Some of you have profoundly changed me in the things that you have shared.”


“Your power has given me power.”


“Verbalizing what you’re thinking and feeling – that’s some badass stuff right there.”


“I want 2020 to be the year that you get some real breakthroughs in whatever areas are most meaningful to you.”


“Invested in us is a level of creative power and light that we seldom use to its fullest power.”


“This year cannot be another year of you living the same way.”


“Specifically, what is it that you want to achieve, improve, or accomplish?”


“There’s something that you were put on this earth to do.”


“Our level of self-awareness sometimes can be so non-existent.”


“What’s this sisterhood going to celebrate in February 2021?”


“Good Lord, I feel like the most mind-numbing kind of life to live is one on autopilot.”


“You’re going to move in a dimension you didn’t even realize was there.”


“You have been a tremendous blessing to me, and you can be a tremendous blessing to the world.”


“The world needs you, Sis, the world needs you.”




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Non-traditional start, passion for employee growth, and moving in her natural way of giving. Beth shares her experience as a business owner.


Episode Highlights:


  • The unconventional start to Beth’s business
  • The importance of finding out how team members honestly feel
  • Beth’s transition from a patient focus to an employee focus
  • Her personal life and personal goals
  • Beth’s goals for Magnolia




“We have to go back and save our city.”


“Just come in and we’ll make you feel better.”


“FEMA basically paid our salaries for the first 3 months.”


“It’s very hard to work on your business when you’re working in your business.”


“Pain don’t take a holiday.”


“I think for so long we took it for granted that everyone loved working for our company.”


“I was disappointed in myself…what could I do better?”


“You’re making room and space for the employees to actually serve a bigger role within the organization.”


“They see that you two did it, and that they could do it too.”


“It’s the nurturing that you gave that gave them the strength and ability to then move forward, so that’s a great thing.”


“I realize if I don’t get my exercise and my personal health handled and taken care of that I’m not the best mother.”


“That personal enrichment is really important…I’m like a retreat junky now.”


“So much creativity comes out when you are still and quiet.”


“I encourage people to get out of their comfort zone.”


“The fact that I shut my mouth for 2 entire days was amazing, and I can’t believe how great it felt when I got back.”


“Any time we can share knowledge, experience, encouragement, support…that enriches your life so much.”




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January 29, 2020

Here For You

Sometimes, people are sent our way to wake us up, shake us up, and get us moving in the right direction. Always right on time and with a needed word to ignite a flame. Guess who's coming for you? Are you ready?


Episode Highlights:


  • Setting goals
  • Deanna‘s story of transformation
  • Permission to begin ‘living and being you’




“You get to test drive the stuff that you want to accomplish, and get on the road to realizing all the things that you want for yourself.”


“I didn’t feel like my life was important enough for goals to be necessary.”


“My natural abilities, the talents and gifts that I had, they were always just bubbling below the surface looking for chances to escape.”


“How long are you going to continue to make yourself small?”


“That woman was sent to me for that sole purpose that day.”


“The internal transformation – that was the game changer.”


“Today, I know with absolute certainty what I am supposed to be doing while I’m living here on this planet.”


“It’s okay to start the journey of facing yourself.”


“You were created to live and to love and to succeed.”


“2020 is a pivotal year…take a leap of faith with me today.”




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January 22, 2020

The Life List

Checking off bullet lists of how to's doesn't create a life. You need energy, vigor, mental clarity, emotional balance, and spiritual insight. Come get the only list that will prime you for greatness!


Episode Highlights:


  • How lists can prove useful
  • Spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical wellness
  • The one list to address before tackling all other lists




“There’s such great satisfaction in checking off your items one by one.”


“Lists…do nothing to address our internal motivation, or emotional state, or spiritual health which is critical to get it done.”


“Wanting is the beginning.”


“I have to feel positive about the tasks or changes.”


“Everything leads back to the beginning.”


“Emotional fatigue brings on physical fatigue.”


“Spiritual wellness doesn’t happen by showing up to a building.”


“When all of this works together in a perfect circle, it keeps you balanced and well.”


“I just realized I gave you a list.”


“This is the list to work on before you start tackling all of the other valuable lists out there.”


“Your time spent on self-care this year will be returned to you a thousandfold.”




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Do you need permission to take back your personal authority and start running your life like a Boss? Well you've got it. Exploring how fear can show up in life decisions, setting us up to lean on other people's opinions of what is best for us. Take back the reins!


Episode Highlights:


  • Fear and its involvement in decision making
  • Why are we afraid of personal authority?
  • Giving yourself permission to take back your personal power and authority and how to achieve this




“The most effective way to overcome fear is to confront it repeatedly, and understand where it’s coming from.”


“I love you too much to let you be a zombie who just follows the instructions of other people.”


“You don’t need validation from others that what you want to do in your life is okay.”


“Insecurities are like the perfect environment for fear which can result in you withholding permission and your personal authority from yourself.”


“Handing over the stewardship of your thought process is why success will always remain elusive.”


“Getting off the sidelines and into the game is where you were always meant to be.”


“Be willing and open to taking your power and authority, exercising it, and learn about it.”


“We can all tell you how worth it you are, but in the end, you have to know that. So let this be your year of living and using your personal authority to make the decisions that will create the life that you want for yourself…you are ready for this.”




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2020 is upon us, and with it comes an opportunity to enjoy a fresh start, a clean slate, a chance to say goodbye to whatever failed us in the past, and to welcome with open arms all the promise and potential this new year offers. However, we can only accomplish this if we free ourselves from the grip that fear uses to hold us back. So I ask you, my beautiful Soul Sayer Sisters: What are you afraid of? Isn’t it time we got past it all?


Episode Highlights:


  • Dismissing unsuccessful formulas from the past
  • Fear, and how to manage it
  • Putting your gifts into action
  • The importance of dealing with our fears




“Quit trying to open doors that were slammed shut – you’re not supposed to go through those.”


“I consider each new year to be a fresh slate, a refreshed period of time that allows you to bring the best of every experience and lesson, and leaving the negativity behind.”


“That bundle of fear that you set aside will get smaller and smaller, and eventually it will leave.”


“I’m learning to use fearfulness as motivation.”


“The fact that your fears and doubts kick in is a bit of confirmation that you’re actually moving in the right direction.”


“By doing what you fear, or moving through this space where you feel apprehensive, you can overcome the feeling and move past it.”


“Not moving, standing still, is the death of all dreams.”


 “We can spend 2020 sharing stories of victory and overcoming and, yeah, and some fearful times too, and we can all help each other get through.”


“What are you afraid of? And isn’t it time we got past it all?”



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2020 - The start of a new decade! What will the upcoming year, and if you look that far, the next 10 years, look like for you? Have you thought about it? Well, the one thing that will kill off any possibility of happiness or growth for this new year, this new decade, or even the next fear. We're talking closing the chapter on it...NOW!

A few minutes of time together just between us! The holiday rush is on and we're handling all the last minute stuff! But it can never be too busy to check in with ourselves and focus for a moment on how we feel. How do you want this year to end? What are you looking forward to next year? Sit with me for a few...

There is a reason you stay in relationship with people who don't motivate, inspire and support you. What is it? Because no matter what you tell yourself, maybe the reason has more to do with you than it does with them. When are you going to reach for something more?

Shannon Hull, Founder of Right In Front Of My Face Podcast is up on the mic! We're talking real stories of real people who given the chance, can cause you to re-evaluate how you view life and everyone in it.

Stephanie Osborne, CEO of Meditate New Orleans and I share an insightful and moving discussion about stillness, hearing your own voice and moving into true authenticity

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